Vallnika- fundraising project

Finnish natural handmade skincare line.

Vallnika is a skincare line produced in Vasa archipelago, in place named Södrä Vallgrund. This is a home made line all made of natural ingredients. Anderssons, the authors and manufacturers of these products,  grow their herbs themselves in their garden and get other ingredients like bee wax, coconut oil and essential oils from very high quality suppliers in Finland and Sweden.

The secret of an amazing efficiency of Vallnika products lies in many factors. One of them is the power of northern summer sun that never goes down, this making the amount of sunlight that herbs receive great, but still the sun is not too hot to dry the juices of the herbs. The herbs are grown and harvested in accordance with the moon cycles. Other factor is Andersson´s love to people and gentle respect to the nature which flows into their cremes and ointments.

By buying Vallnika you get excellent quality products, support small family business and support development of Tibetan medicine  in Finland. We use the income from selling these products to develop our activities.


12,00 €, 170 ml

This wonderful massage oil is made on the basis of high quality sunflower and coconut oils with juniper, rosemary and lemongrass and added E-vitamin.

Very good for blood circulation and beneficial for the skin. Juniper is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to soothe tired and sore muscles. It also relieves tension and stress, ideal after sports or any strenuous activity.

This oil is recommended by Dr. Nida for rejuvenation. You can use it in ngöndro phase of chudlen practice


LAVENDER MASSAGE OIL10290023_302551169952221_2909058858373326505_n
12,00 €, 170 ml

This soft and relaxing massage oil is made on the basis of high quality sunflower and coconut oils with lavender, rosemary and lemongrass and added E-vitamin.






1798742_302551336618871_2355279671389464343_n15,00 €, 50 ml

This cream is a true wonder and absolutely the best product that Vallnika offers. Due to calendula´s anti-inflammatory  and regenerative qualities this cream effectively cures various skin and mucus problems: wounds, scratches, burns, rash, dryness, irritation and many other defects. If you had to choose one Vallnika product it should be Calendula cream!

Ingredients: bee wax, almond oil, calendula oil, calendula tincture, lemongrass and lavender essential oils, E-vitamin

10710710_302551266618878_8837769198476366142_n15,00 €, 50 ml

Wonderful soft and rich cream. It can be used as a nourishing day or night cream for dry skin. It is also very good for any skin as an outdoor skin protection for cold and frosty weather. It can also cure sun burnt skin.
Ingredients: bee wax, almond oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, rose water, rosewood, geranium lemongrass and rose essential oils, E-vitamin.


VITAMIN CREAM10404292_302551203285551_2796023926920558686_n
Price: 17,00 €, 50 ml

Softening face cream for any skin. Cures small damages and defects on the skin.

This cream has also another application. In several cases it proved to work as a cure for gynecological dysplasia, used by few ladies with this diagnosis in Finland.

Ingredients: sesame oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, waybread, thyme,  sweedish bitters (angelica root, carline thistle root, camphor, manna, myrrh, rhubarb root, saffron, senna, theriac venetian, zedoary root), lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils, E-vitamin, A-vitamin.

MOISTURIZING CREAM10702131_302551239952214_7408140487112133274_n
13,00 € 50 ml

Light moisturizing and softening cream with antiseptic qualities for normal to greasy skin.

Ingredients: almond oil, jojoba oil, starflower oil calendula, camomile,  melissa, lemon grass, rose tree and geranium essential oils, E-vitamin



15,00 €, 50 ml
Exceptional multifunctional ointment that can be used as a compress for edema and inflammation, in strain and sprain cases. Also this cream is good treatment for atopic skin. Helps to heal  the wounds.

Ingredients: bee wax, almond oil, lanolin, sunflower oil, St. John’s wort, arnika tincture, lavender and rosemary essential oils, E-vitamin.


17,00 €, 50 ml
This is a natural antibiotic cream for problematic skin, acne, rash, skin inflammations, insects bites etc.

Ingredients: bee wax, shea butter, almond oil, macadamia oil, sunflower oil, tee-tree and lavender essential oils.



17,00 €, 50 ml

Efficient ointment with juniper for treating muscle and joint pain.

Ingredients: bee wax, lanolin, juniper, St. John’s wort, camphor, rosemary and peppermint essential oils.



16,00 €, 50 ml
Refreshes, softens and moisturizes the skin. Helps to relieve pain in the feet, cures sore skin, prevents fungus.

Ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, lactic acid, D-panthenol, way bread, meadowsweet, pine, sage, comfrey, rosemary, camphor, tea-tree essential oil.


14,00 €, 170 ml
Liquid cream against muscle and joint pain. Excellent solution after sports or any strenuous activity, for tired muscles.

Ingredients: water, shea butter, glycerin, meadowsweet, willow, calendula, juniper, pine, eucalyptus, camphor.






VIOLET AND LADY´S MANTLE SHAMPOO10712960_302551136618891_7828089380781848075_n
8,00 €, 170 ml

Natural shampoo for any hair type, very mild and caring for hair head skin, against dandruff.







8,00 €, 170 ml

Mild and caring natural shampoo for any hair type. Rosemary gives special glow to dark hair and interesting nuance to blond hair.







8,00 €, 170 ml

This natural shampoo will suit you if your hair tends to be greasy. Due to camomille it also underlines the glow of blond hair.